Social Media Quick Tip – Be where your customers are

Many times people choose to create company profiles on different social media platforms based on what they themselves enjoy using.  Remember, choosing the right social media platform is about being where your customers are.  If your customers are more traditional and enjoy being social then Facebook is great for them.  If they are tied to their computers or phones all day then Twitter might work well.   If they enjoy taking and viewing pictures then you should be on Instagram.   Figure out [...]

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How to Make the Most of LinkedIn in Just 5 Minutes a Day

With over 396 million users, LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool to grow your career or business.  LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook largely due to its professional audience. While checking your LinkedIn feed full of business articles may not be as entertaining as reading the latest tweet from a celebrity or watching a funny video on Facebook, it is still important to maintain a presence on this growing network.So how do you stay on [...]

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