How to Use LinkedIn

With over 396 million users, LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool to grow your career or business.  LinkedIn differs from other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook largely due to its professional audience. 

While checking your LinkedIn feed full of business articles may not be as entertaining as reading the latest tweet from a celebrity or watching a funny video on Facebook, it is still important to maintain a presence on this growing network.

So how do you stay on top of your LinkedIn profile without getting bogged down? Set aside five minutes each day to do the following items:

1. Check your notifications – Read your messages and respond when necessary, accept or decline connection requests, and take note of any relevant updates by your network.

2. Click through your ways to keep in touch – LinkedIn will literally serve up the easiest ways to connect on the top right hand of your home page.  Click through and interact with your connections by wishing someone happy birthday, congratulating them on a new job, or commenting on how impressive their tenure at their current company is. 

3. See who has viewed your profile recently – When people view your profile, it means they’re actively interested in your talent, company, or services.  Treat them as a warm lead and reach out to them when appropriate. 

With these simple steps you will be on your way to not only growing your number of LinkedIn connections but maintaining and strengthening your current ones.  You never know what opportunities may present themselves within your network!


About the  Author

Caitlyn Braegelmann, President of Speak Marketing, is a marketing expert who helps her clients grow their businesses by utilizing strategic marketing promotions and communications. With an MBA in Marketing from Loyola Marymount University, web design certification from the University of California, San Diego, Certification in SEO from Google Analytics Academy and an Accreditation in Public Relations from the Public Relations Society of America, Caitlyn is well versed in many areas of marketing. Her professional experience includes marketing strategy, product promotions, social media, public relations, email marketing, direct marketing and much more.  With a true passion for marketing and helping her clients succeed, Caitlyn has the drive and know-how to set your company apart. To view Caitlyn’s LinkedIn profile, click here.  

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