Keep Your Emails Out of Spam – 8 Ways to Make Sure Your Email Marketing Lands in Your Customers’ Inboxes

Email clients’ spam filters are growing increasingly discerning when it comes to marketing emails and newsletters. While each email clients may use a slightly different set of requirements to determine whether a message is spam, there are some clear similarities across the board.  By checking your emails for the following requirements below, you are greatly increasing your chances of your emails being delivered, open, and read.Avoid aggressive marketing terms - Using phrases such as “act now!” or “limited time” will set off [...]

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Social Media Quick Tip – Turn Negative Posts into Opportunities 

In most cases, you should try to respond to anyone who communicates to you through social media, even if their posts are negative. Many times, people with complaints just want to feel heard, so make sure to acknowledge their issues. Let them know that it’s something you are aware of or something that you will look into, and thank them for their feedback. Someone who complains will respect you and your company more for doing everything in your power to address [...]

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How to Gather Market Intelligence Free of Bias

One of the best ways to get honest feedback from your customers or potential customers is by conducting a blind survey. What is a blind survey? A blind survey is when the author or administrator of the survey is unknown to the responder. Since they do not know who is collecting the information, they are less likely to intentionally or even unintentionally give biased answers. So how do you create a blind survey? First, create your survey using a survey creation software.  My [...]

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