One of the major aspects of digital marketing is producing content. The problem, is that you can’t simply do a Google Image search, snag a photo and claim it as your own. Why? Because of copyright of course.  So how do you find high quality content you can use for your own marketing purposes?

For images, there are a number of ways to go about this. Firstly, you can do a Google image search except you have to play around with the search filters. There is one filter in Google image search entitled “tools”. Under this tab you’ll find another option called “Usage rights”. Setting this to “Reusable and reusable with modification” will give you the right to use these images for your own purposes.

Similarly, you could use free image search engines such as Pixabay or Photopin which offers thousands of royalty free images and in many cases videos.

finding photos for free

For videos it’s a bit trickier. While there are “free stock footage video” sites, most of the footage is quite limited. Sure, with enough creativity you can compile a bunch of clips and make your own video, but if you are looking for a quick way to find relative footage…look no further than Youtube.

To do this on Youtube you need to search for a video. Then on the top left of the search there is a “filter” button. Click it. Now click “Creative commons” and there you go. Any of the videos that come out on this page can be modified to use for your own purposes.

Similarly, for music, you could visit sites like Bensound or Purple Planet, but I found that going on Youtube “Creators Studio” which can be located on your avatar on the top right corner. Then under the “Create” tab you’ll find a slew of free sound and music samples to download. Some of them require some credit sharing options, but many of them are absolutely royalty free.

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