These days, people have a higher expectancy when it comes to the content they consume. If you deliver to your prospects a page with no graphics, no design, no videos and just plain text…odds are that the people won’t be sticking around for too long.

Google advises brands to create “Media Rich” posts…but what does that mean?

What is a Media Rich Post?

A Media Rich Post refers to a post or page that has several elements within the copy. This includes (but not limited to),

  • Copy
  • Images
  • Video
  • Social Media Embeds

rich digital marketing content online

A Media Rich Post will not only have the right amount of words per post, but also will contain relevant images, perhaps a video and even social media embeds.

What is a social media embed? It’s when you see those Twitter comments directly on a person’s blog post. It’s an embedded piece of content.

Why is Media Rich Posts important?

There are a number of factors at play;

  • Higher Reader Retention – People are more likely to stick around if it is visually pleasing for them
  • Higher Value on SERPS – Google loves media rich posts and provides higher ranking power for those kinds of posts
  • More Real Estate for SEO – Every Image, video and so forth creates more opportunities for backlinks, alt tags and other SEO practices that will give your post even more “beefiness”.

Media Rich Posts not only appeals to your users, but also to search engines. Thus, creating these will always provide a greater ROI on your blog marketing activities.

About the Author

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