If you’re still doing things manually for your website, you’re not getting the full power of one of your main digital marketing assets. Automation, while not a new concept, has really taken off within the world of digital marketing. Today we’ll be discussing why it’s important and why you should seriously think about automating your online activities.

The Benefit of Automation

Having automated processes on your website assists you in moving your target prospect along the “buyers journey”. The entire goal of automation is to make the process of the buyers journey easier for you to handle and a more pleasant experience for the consumer.

For instance, a user lands on your website and fills out a form. With automation, you can link your form to your favorite CRM. In turn, the information on your form is sent to your CRM and a profile is created for the new prospect. If your CRM is automated, you’ll be able to immediately send out a thank you letter to your prospect with some more instructions.

You can then set up an auto email responder which will be periodically send emails to your prospects, nurturing them so that they can eventually take action on your site.

As you can see, this automated process will save you time, make sure that your prospects are continually engaged with your brand and establishes automatic communication between you and potential customer.

marketing automation with crm and email

Automation is King!

With automation you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Automatically post new blogs on all your social media channels
  • Email prospects over time to help nurture them and convert them to paying clients
  • Keep track of an individual prospect’s buyers journey, prompting relevant actions on each step of the process
  • Track conversations, social media signals and bring it into one platform for you to view

There are many more applications for automation, however with this article we have introduced you to the full power of automation by providing you with some key examples. For more information on automation, reach out to us today!

About the Author

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