7 Free Digital Marketing Content Creation Tools

Content creation for digital marketing can be a fun yet challenging exercise.  The tools listed below all make the process of creating content easier – and best of all, they’re free. Canva – Create graphics for your digital marketing using Canva’s easy drag and drop program.  You can choose from a wide variety of templates, upload your own photos, and overlay text all in under ten minutes. Adobe Spark – Similar to Canva, Adobe Spark allows you to create your own media using images and text.  Spark, however, spans across many different types of media including social media, web pages, and even video. Piktochart – This tool allows you to make professional looking infographics with ease.  Piktochart offers many templates to choose from and files can be exported to use in social media, on websites, and in presentations. Infogram – If your content tends to be a little heavier on the data side, Infogram may be perfect for you.  The program allows you to create infographics, charts, maps, and more with 37 free templates to choose from. Placeit – Looking for an easy tool to create mockups on digital screens including mobile phones, desktop computers, and laptops? Placeit is a free mockup generator that enables you to create a screen representation of your app, website, and more. Pixabay – Finding royalty-free imagery can be difficult at times.  Pixabay offers a comprehensive library of free photos and includes several resolution download options. Grammarly – While not quite as exciting as some of the more visual tools, Grammarly is a must-have for any content creator.  Use their website to copy and paste text and search for spelling and grammar errors or download their plugins which are available for several different browsers as well as Microsoft Office. Digital marketing content creation doesn’t have to be a chore.  With the tools listed above, you will find yourself discovering new possibilities and finding new inspiration.  Let us know how they work for you! […]

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The Importance of Having a Website That Works for You

If you’re running a company that relies on getting leads and repeat business, odds are that you have a website to market your services online. However, have you ever considered whether your website is doing the job it’s supposed to be doing or whether it’s simply a digital billboard located in the remote street of the internet unseen by your ideal customers? What Constitutes a Good Website? Modern Marketing data suggests that a “good website” is one that is continually being [...]

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The Basics of Online Sales Funnels

If you’re serious about making money with your website, it is crucial that you have digital sales funnels to convert traffic into paying customers. Most businesses rely on contact forms or pop ups to direct their web traffic to some point. However, it is necessary to actually create sales funnels with a dedicated landing page to truly turn your website into a money-making machine. […]

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The Importance of Social Media for Lead Generation

Social Media has become an integral part of our daily lives. From staying connected with friends and family to following your favorite brands, social media gives users a unique ability to interact with companies, people and share their own experiences with the global community. Most businesses by now have some sort of social media presence, however many aren't using this robust tool as well as they could be. How to Properly Use Social Media Social Media isn’t just about posting pictures [...]

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Why Automation is Key to Your Online Marketing Activities

If you’re still doing things manually for your website, you’re not getting the full power of one of your main digital marketing assets. Automation, while not a new concept, has really taken off within the world of digital marketing. Today we’ll be discussing why it’s important and why you should seriously think about automating your online activities. The Benefit of Automation Having automated processes on your website assists you in moving your target prospect along the “buyers journey”. The entire goal [...]

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What Constitutes “Media Rich Content” and Why It’s Important

These days, people have a higher expectancy when it comes to the content they consume. If you deliver to your prospects a page with no graphics, no design, no videos and just plain text…odds are that the people won’t be sticking around for too long. Google advises brands to create “Media Rich” posts…but what does that mean? What is a Media Rich Post? A Media Rich Post refers to a post or page that has several elements within the copy. This [...]

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Where to Find Royalty Free Content Online

One of the major aspects of digital marketing is producing content. The problem, is that you can’t simply do a Google Image search, snag a photo and claim it as your own. Why? Because of copyright of course.  So how do you find high quality content you can use for your own marketing purposes? Images For images, there are a number of ways to go about this. Firstly, you can do a Google image search except you have to play around [...]

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How Important is SEO to Modern Marketing Activities?

There was a time when SEO was absolutely crucial for surviving online. SEO ‘Experts’ would charge thousands of dollars attempting to rank your keywords and ranking your site on SERPS. Throughout the lifespan of SEO, there have been many changes and what was once referred to as “white hat tactics” suddenly became “black”. The Rise and Fall of SEO In the beginning, the algorithms for Google and other search engines were way more primitive than the ones we have today. Before, [...]

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My 4 Favorite Things To Have In My Office

I absolutely love visiting people’s offices and looking at how they work.  I think someone’s office says a lot about their work style, lifestyle and how they view their job.  There are four things that I always have in my office and are my trusty favorites.  Give these a try and let me know what you think! 1. Arc Customizable Notebook - This notebook system from Staples is designed to allow for maximum flexibility when organizing your note and calendars.  There [...]

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Buffer Provides 10 Little Known Facebook Features for Business Page Owners

Buffer's blog is a great resource for marketing tips, tricks, and trends. One of their most recent posts outlines some great tools on Facebook that business page owners can use to their advantage.  These hacks include suggested pages to watch, how to like a page as your brand, audience insights and more. Read the full blog post here: blog.bufferapp.com/11-hidden-facebook-marketing-features

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